New track!

Bionulor’s new track is titled “Kilinskiego” and comes from “A Sound Guide To Warsaw” compilation :


This compilation is the result of a project in which musicians and sound artists were asked to create a sound piece based upon and inspired by the field recordings made in Warsaw, Poland. The collected tracks may be viewed as a sound guide to Warsaw, reflecting the artists’ interpretation of the Warsaw soundscape and presenting their sonic visions of the city. The basis for all the tracks were the recordings from places located all over Warsaw and the artists were free to process them in any way they wished.

More info :

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2 Responses to New track!

  1. bojanix says:

    Nice track, interesting CD!

  2. szunabrina says:

    Jaka zaskakująca zmiana, jeśli o nazewnictwo chodzi!v ;D

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