Bionulor  is a one-man music project founded in 2006 by the Polish actor and educationist Sebastian Banaszczyk using his own working method named “100% sound recycling”. This means that every track is created solely on the basis of processing only one sample deriving of a specially selected source sound, without any additional sounds or instruments.

Bionulor has released eight albums so far: the debut one “Bionulor” focused on the sounds of early music instruments, especially from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, “Sacred Mushroom Chant” was made on the basis of human voice (i.a. by Marcel Duchamp and Neil Armstrong), “Erik” and “Furniture Music” wholly dedicated to Erik Satie’s “Gymnopédies” composition and “A.S.” inspired by music of Alexander Scriabin…

Bionulor also created music for theatrical plays: “Coriolanus” by William Shakespeare and the monodrama “SKAZAna” raising the subject of a sexually abused young girl. In 2014 he prepared a special multimedia performance “Stary Pisarz” (“The Old Writer”) dedicated to William S. Burroughs on the one hundredth birth anniversary of the American writer.

“Bionulor” (2009)
“Sacred Mushroom Chant” (2011)
“Erik” (2012)
“Stary Pisarz” (2016)
“Furniture Music” (2017)
“A.S.” (2018)

Theatre music:
“Coriolanus” (Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw, 2011)
“SKAZAna” (Teatr im. Mickiewicza, Częstochowa, 2012)                                                     “Trois versions de la vie” (Teatr im. Mickiewicza, Częstochowa, 2015)

Photo : Piotr Dłubak

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