New album : “Erik”

The newest, third album by Bionulor has been wholly inspired by the person and creative output of Erik Satie. All the tracks have been strictly based on processing one of his most famous compositions, “Gymnopédies”, according to Bionulor’s own method of working called „100% sound recycling”. Here dreamlike micro-melancholy intertwines with surrealistic games of imagination, making up a bond between two music worlds distant in time and space…

”…The smallest work by Satie is small in the way that a keyhole is small. Everything changes when you put your eye to it.” (Jean Cocteau)

Mastered by Taylor Deupree. Artwork by Martyna Kowalczyk.

Album preview:

The album is available here :

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It’s Not Boring. It’s Ambient.

A compilation “It’s Not Boring. It’s Ambient” has just come out, featuring, inter alia, my new recording “DNST.21.5.”. This double album, released in its beautiful attire on Preserved Sound, contains musical pieces by artists from broadly understood ambient scene : on the first CD we find tracks from Ukrainian musicians, on the second one – Polish. The whole release has been perfected with specially designed postcards. The idea of the album was collaboration between artists from Poland and Ukraine – crossing the borders through art where politics fail…


Thanks to Kamila for the translation.

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Music for “Coriolanus”

Bionulor also makes theatre music. In June 2011, at the Warsaw Teatr Powszechny, the première of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” took place – a play with an original soundtrack written by Bionulor. These are the sounds referring to inspiration found in classical music, as well as more experimental musical visions, inscribed into a modern interpretation of text penned by the great English playwright.

A fragment of this soundtrack:


And the trailer:

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Three years ago today…

Three years ago today, my debut album „Bionulor” has been released. It had its official premiere on January 19th, 2009, however, the first copies of the record were available for purchase two days beforehand during the promotional concert which took place in Cafe Belg in Czestochowa. The album was inspired by early music. It was composed pure and simple on the basis of my personal method of working with sound which I call „100% sound recycling”. The first person who took an interest in this material was Grzegorz Bojanek and it was under his self-run etaLABEL where the album finally got released, wrapped in an untypical cardboard cover of A5 format. Today there’s only a few copies of this edition left – for those who don’t have it yet, you’d better hurry…

And here are the reviews of this release which I’ve managed to collect so far:





Thanks to Kamila for the translation.

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New track!

Bionulor’s new track is titled “Kilinskiego” and comes from “A Sound Guide To Warsaw” compilation :


This compilation is the result of a project in which musicians and sound artists were asked to create a sound piece based upon and inspired by the field recordings made in Warsaw, Poland. The collected tracks may be viewed as a sound guide to Warsaw, reflecting the artists’ interpretation of the Warsaw soundscape and presenting their sonic visions of the city. The basis for all the tracks were the recordings from places located all over Warsaw and the artists were free to process them in any way they wished.

More info :

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